Corporate Social Responsibility
Improving Communities Across Nigeria
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The backbone of Interkel's Corporate Social Responsibility is the recognition that government cannot effectively provide everything for everyone. Hence, the targeted focus of our CSR give-back is focused on the educational, skills acquisition, and health sectors. Against this backdrop, Interkel recognizes that improving people’s lives often happens at the local level. Interkel partners with critical stakeholders to create and advocate for a better educational learning environment, promotion of gender equality in the work environment, development of innovative approaches for the delivery of high-end virtual training, and improvement of access to critical health infrastructures.

Transformational CSR Focus

Digital education

Interkel and her partners are resolute on ensuring that each Nigerian child gets equals access to digital education as their counterparts anywhere in the world. The facilities we provide enables the students to prepare, practice, and pass international ICT exams making them global citizens.
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In the recent past, we have leveraged our relationships with benefactors, friends, and partners to provide primary health care facilities in remote areas of Nigeria where it would have been impossible for the people in that area to receive that standard of health care.
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