Operations and Maintenance

Interkel is a leading engineering and construction Nigerian company. We also provide on-call emergency repair and maintenance services as well as fully documented site audits and inspections. 


Since 2007, Interkel has expanded her scope of operations to include the operation and maintenance of Telecom BTS sites. We have also expanded our scope of offerings to include operating maintaining the BTS sites on behalf of our clients. Our vast experience spans

  1. Telecoms passive maintenance
  2. Telecoms active maintenance
  3. Renewable energy grid maintenance
  4. Optical fiber OSP maintenance.

Our excellent maintenance culture is a marriage of three key factors;

  • Interkel’s unwavering adherence to her world standard health and safety policy
  • Stringent and quality preventive maintenance culture
  • Class-leading corrective maintenance; in response time and quality of work done.

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