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Interkel Partners RS Infra Projects And Genus Power Infrastructure

A memorandum of understanding between Interkel Power and energy (a subsidiary of the Interkel Group) and RS infra projects has been signed by both parties.

This agreement will see both companies work together on the power projects being rolled out to boost power supply in Nigeria.

The agreement was reached to enable Interkel Power and Energy add some foreign expertise to their experienced team of professionals so as to deliver quality energy solutions within the country.

In another development, Interkel Power and Energy (IP&E), has signed a joint venture with Genus power Infrastructures and will commence the installations of individual prepaid meters in several airports across Nigeria in the first quarter of 2013.

These metering solutions are to ensure effective energy management as every customer pays the exact value for the amount of power consumed. The meters are enabled with a 6-month billing storage capacity, 60-day load profile and support software.

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